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Photo taken by Mr. Gary A. Parsons (1995). Compiled from an article by Mr. Peter Courtney (1957)

The English Oak screen behind the alter is relatively modern, being installed in 1912. It is the work of Mr. H. Read of Exeter and echoes the crocketted pinnacles of the tower and the running motif of the pillars.

The western columns of the arches are early 15th century and carry the running vine capitals so typical of the West Country. However, the four eastern columns are late 15th century and were probably installed when the central Norman Tower was removed.

The Corbels , near the ceiling, are supports for the ceiling beams and are one of the main features of this church. They were carved in Bath stone by Burge and Allen who also carved those for the House of Commons. Those in the Nave are angels carrying various christian symbols.

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