Panoramic View of Beaminster, Co. Dorset, in the South of England

Photo taken by Noel Tatt Ltd. Compiled from articles by Mrs. Marie Eedle and The Beaminster Society, 1987

The small town of Beaminster is situated in a beautiful natural amphitheater formed by surrounding hills and green pastures. It stands at the head of the valley formed by the River Brit and is built on level ground where many tributaries join together. Many of the older roads in town follow these old tributaries, giving the appearance of a star.

The earliest recorded version of the name Beaminster (Bebingmynster) dates back to possibly the 7th Century. The name Bebing-mynster is defined as a Minster (or church) of (or associated with) Bebbe, a female personal name.

The town's prosperity came through the manufacture of wool cloth. Hemp and flax manufacturers in town also developed sailcloth, sackcloth, thread, twine, rope, and shoes. The towns current population is approximately 2,500 and has over 200 listed historical buildings.

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