A large portion of the information contained in our database was compiled from individual researchers.
It has not been verified by anyone in this organization and should never be used as a primary source of information.
It should only be used as a guide for further research.

The combined database presented on this web site, contains an Internet version of the Parsons Family Association's (PFA) Master Database; containing no living individuals. The master database contains information from two excellent reference books (THE PARSONS FAMILY by Gerald J. Parsons, 2002, and PARSONS FAMILY by Henry Parsons, Vol. 1 1912 and Vol. 2 1920), family lines of PFA members, many independent researchers, and the authors own family history.

From the home page menu, you have direct access to the family group sheets of our immigrant ancestors and their parents. From each family group sheet you can go to their spouse, parent, or child by just clicking on them. For your convenience, there is a short pedigree chart at the bottom of each file that can be used to move back to a particular individual (up to 5 generations).

From the SURNAME INDEX, on the main menu, the first two menus are alphabetical index ranges (i.e. aa-cd, ce-em, en-gp). The third menu is an alphabetical list of names that will take you to a specific family group sheet. For your convenience, at the end of each file there are two hot links: HOME goes back to the beginning home page, and INDEX takes you back to the initial index page. From the Surname Index, you can use the EMAIL feature to send messages directly to the author.

At present, the Parsons Family Association-Western Region's Master Database does NOT contain any family history data that was submitted to our parent organization (PFA) back east. If you would like your material included in the master database, please send your material to the author of this web page, listed below. Please submit your data in GEDCOM format, either on a floppy disk (snail-mail address on request) or as an e-mail attachment. If you do not have this capability, you can send copies of your pedigree and family group sheets to the author by U.S. Mail. His snail-mail address will be supplied to you on request.

We are aware that many errors have been incorporated into the Parsons Family Association-Western Region's Master Database. Errors originate from many sources: erroneous information collected from oral histories, inaccurate publications, family histories of researchers, typos, and other unreliable resources. If at all possible, data should be gathered from primary sources (i.e. birth certificates, baptismal records, marriage licenses, death certificates, and internment records).

Our main goal is to compile as much data as possible, even with errors, from our Parsons Family Association members or anyone else researching the Parsons surname. We are, without restrictions, disseminating the collective information to anyone researching the Parsons surname, free of charge.

For legal reasons, under the Privacy Act, we will NOT list or give out any information concerning living individuals. If you discover living individuals listed in the database, please contact the web page administrator as soon as possible and they will be deleted from the published database.

If you discover any errors, omissions, or would like to add your database to the PFA-WR's Master Database, please contact the web page administrator at the address listed below. Please include where the original error is, what is the correction should be, and site your source for this information.

If you have any suggestions concerning this web page, we would appreciate hearing from you. Please send your comments to the address listed below.

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