A large portion of the information contained in our database was compiled from individual researchers.
It has not been verified by anyone in this organization and should never be used as a primary source of information.
It should only be used as a guide for further research.

The overall goal of the Parsons web page is to compile everyone's research into a single database. We are then making the compiled information available to all researchers, free of charge, without exception.

Every family historian tries to perform the most accurate research possible with the resources available to them, some better than others. Everyone manages to let inaccuracy's slip into their database. Some researchers use less than perfect resources and many official records are not always correct. If every genealogist waited until their research was absolutely perfect before making their work public, nothing would ever get published. We need to consolidate all of the Parsons research into one master database for everyone's use, even with its inherent errors. If each individuals research is not published in some way, a lot of good work could be lost, errors can be corrected later.

The database used on this web site could not have been possible without support of the Parsons Family Association-Western Region's (PFAWR's) general membership. The first six generations formed the foundation of this database and were compiled from two good reference books, entitled: THE PARSONS FAMILY, Vol. 1, by Gerald J. Parsons, 2002, and PARSONS FAMILY, Vols. 1 & 2, by Henry Parsons, 1912 & 1920. On these foundations, many individual databases were added from members of the Parsons Family Association, individual researchers, and the many cousins at large. This combined work formed what is now known as the PFA's Master Database. The entire database now contains over 41,500 individuals, and still growing.

This web page was created solely by Mr. Gary A. Parsons, the author. It was not supported financially by the Parsons Family Association (PFA) back east. The idea of the web page was initiated by a vote of the membership in attendance at the 1995 annual meeting of the Parsons Family Association-Western Region (PFAWR), a sub group of the parent PFA organization.

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